Friday, December 10, 2010

The first time I heard Kate Bush

the first time that I heard Kate.  1984 I think. oh my god!  that is a long time ago.  My friend was playing The Dreaming.  Had to have been a cassette.   it was shrill and hard to listen to, but I was wrapped.  I loved it.  who is this?  Kate Bush.  Suddenly I had Kate.  She felt like my very own.  By that point, she didn't tour, so every tv appearance that she made, felt like a personalized gift just for me.  I loved her.  I felt that her voice sang the sound of my soul.  She just goes for it.  I have loved her all of these years.  sometimes I forget how much that I love her.  Then I look her up on yourtube and she is so fetching, that I am hooked again.  again.

I hope that this site finds my fellow Kate Bush Lovers.  I hope that you write your love notes to her, here.  

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